Panzer Dragoon Saga Video Project
Disc 4

Azel's First Dream
Length: 3 minutes 39 seconds
Size: 34.9 megs
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At the Seeker's Stronghold, Azel awakens from her first dream.

On the Horizon
Length: 2 minutes 52 seconds
Size: 27.0 megs
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The monsters infect the enemy's battle fortress and head towards the Seeker's Stronghold.

Forest of Zoah
Length: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Size: 32.9 megs
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We head to the Forest of Zoah to put a stop to the Grig Orig once and for all.

Infested Grig Orig
Length: 10 minutes 48 seconds
Size: 102 megs
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I love this battle! It's the final time we get to battle the Grig Orig and it goes out with quite the bang.

Key to the Tower
Length: 1 minutes 24 seconds
Size: 13.4 megs
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Returning to the Seeker Stronghold, we find out that Azel is gone. Guess that means we have to rescue her, right?

Finding the Key
Length: 6 minutes 13 second
Size: 58.9 megs
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Back to the Underground Ruins of Uru we go. Along the way we learn about the development of the dragons and engage in more campfire conversation.
Seeker Librarian
Length: 5 minutes 43 seconds
Size: 54.5 megs
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Again we arrive at the Seeker Stronghold. The Librarian answers tons of questions and explains topics such as Sestren, the "Divine Visitior", and the Tower...

Separate Ways
Length: 3 minutes 07 seconds
Size: 29.6 megs
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It's time to part ways with our friends, though we promise to meet up in the end...
Tower Upper Floors
Length: 11 minutes 20 seconds
Size: 107 megs
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It's time to neutralize the defense systems of the Tower. There's switches for each rotor pile that need to be deactivated before we can reach the bottom, so off we go to hunt 'em down
Twin Guardians
Length: 4 minutes 7 seconds
Size: 39.2 megs
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Ahh yes, the Twin Guardians. A take on the classic "you can only hurt one at a time" gimmick. I use the Shield a good bit in this one and thankfully come away with a "Good", which really isn't that good. Still, I'm happy just to be done with these guys :(

Tower 12F
Length: 9 minutes 24 seconds
Size: 89.6 megs
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On the way down to the middle floors, I managed to trip a few more alarms than I would have liked. Also, my combat techniques were sloppier than normal around this part resulting in some hits that should have been avoided (not to mention getting into fights that could easilly have been avoided).

Tower Middle Floors
Length: 11 minutes 24 seconds
Size: 108 megs
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The journey countinues down through the tower

Battle Droid
Length: 5 minutes 08 seconds
Size: 48.2 megs
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Here's a tricky fight (for me). You have to nail the hell out of that weak point but also ensure your shield is up or else you get a hell of a pounding from his attack. Sometimes I can time the shield just right and make it though without getting hit, sometimes he bombards the hell out of me.
Tower 5F-1F
Length: 16 minutes 22 seconds
Size: 155 megs
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Hang in there, we're almost there! Going down I trigger a few alarms and get into some fights, which really is just a nice opportunity to get some experience, especially since I'm powerful enough to take down most enemies in one or two shots.
Length: 5 minutes 40 seconds
Size: 54.1 megs
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Azel opens the way to Sestern ...
Length: 10 minutes 26 seconds
Size: 101 megs
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My technique here is really basic but I make it through ok on most of the fights. Again, I abuse the shield a lot and just shoot with my gun. Hell, it does enough damage where it's actually a reasonably effective way to take everyone down.
Length: 25 minutes 42 seconds
Size: 242 megs
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Longest fight in the game, and I make some pretty silly mistakes while playing (especially at the end). This fight could have been done a minute or two quicker pretty easilly, but I'll let the speed runners handle that one. Epic battle and a damn nice ending.
Credits & Epilogue
Length: 7 minutes 13 seconds
Size: 68.9 megs
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Well, thanks for watching all of these. I hope you had a good time and hopefully you were able to finally enjoy the storyline of Panzer Dragoon Saga without spending the $150-$200 it'd cost to buy on ebay.

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