Panzer Dragoon Saga Video Project
Disc 3

Paet's Surprise
Length: 4 minutes 37 seconds
Size: 43.7 megs
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Returning to the camp, Paet greets us and begs for information about our adventure. He tells us about "Mel-Kava", the defender of the tower. Then it's time to head back to the village, where we find an unwelcome surprise...
The Politician
Length: 8 minutes 13 seconds
Size: 77.9 megs
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Looks like our buddy Paet can't keep a secret, eh? Now that Paet's father knows about us, he wants to enlist us to defend the town against the Empire. He knows how to drive a bargain...
Imperial Assault Post
Length: 5 minutes 50 seconds
Size: 55.7 megs
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Time to raid the Imperial Assault Post. Nothing too notable going on here.
Length: 7 minutes 28 seconds
Size: 70.9 megs
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The boss of the Imperial Assault Post is quite sizeable, but in the end he's really more bark than bite.
Length: 9 minutes 13 seconds
Size: 87.8 megs
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Now here's a tense battle. It's not that the fight is difficult, it's that because of the countdown timer and the initial pace of the battle, it really feels like you're pressed for time. Thankfully I didn't mess up anything TOO bad and was able to scrape up a "Great" ranking.
Vaiman's Grand Plan
Length: 6 minutes 1 second
Size: 56.8 megs
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So now we see what Vaiman was after from the beginning...
An Odd Message
Length: 4 minutes 7 seconds
Size: 39.2 megs
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After talking with Vaiman, it's time to head back to Paet, where we get a peculiar message from a stranger wanting to meet us in the Liberal District at night.
Length: 4 minutes 39 seconds
Size: 43.6 megs
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In return for our faithful service, Vaiman grants us a key to the temple where there's a machine that'll aid us. We have to wait until nightfall until we can use it, though...
Mel Kava pt. 1
Length: 7 minutes 29 seconds
Size: 71.1 megs
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This video showcases the run up to Mel-Kava, including a not-so-flattering mistake on my part which draws the video out longer than it needs to be.
Mel-Kava pt. 2
Length: 4 minutes 9 seconds
Size: 38.8 megs
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Here's the auto defense system that was causing so much trouble for us at the end of the previous video. A reasonably short fight later and we're ready for round two of the previous fight.
Mel-Kava pt. 3
Length: 10 minutes 36 seconds
Size: 100 megs
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As the longest video, this shows the entire rest of the Mel-Kava battle.
Dragon Eye Wing
Length: 7 minutes 57 seconds
Size: 75.2 megs
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Just as it seems like the way to the tower is clear, Azel shows up to stop us again. While we last left on reasonably good terms, Azel is determined to defend Crayman at any cost.
The Scorching
Length: 3 minutes 02 seconds
Size: 28.9 megs
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Edge rescues Azel then heads back to the village. Unfortunatly it looks like the Empire got there first.
Grig Orig and Spectre
Length: 13 minutes 36 seconds
Size: 129 megs
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Obviously we can't let the Empire get away with that! After a lengthly series of battles, we reach the Imperial Flagship. The battle is pretty straightforward, after which we have to fight that annoying Spectre character that killed our friend back in the begining of the game.
Length: 8 minutes 33 seconds
Size: 81.5 megs
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Face to face with Craymen, he finally explains everything.
Into the Tower
Length: 23 minutes 29 seconds
Size: 223 megs
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This is a pretty lengthly video of me flying through the tower. What really compelled me to keep all of this footage is the flat out beautiful music that plays in the bcakground while transversing the miles of tunnels and shafts.
Length: 8 minutes 3 seconds
Size: 76.5 megs
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Another somewhat drawn out boss battle, this is the final fight of the disc.
Tower's Wrath
Length: 7 minutes 9 seconds
Size: 68.0 megs
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The Empire finds Crayman and the destructive power of the Tower is unleashed on the world...

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