Panzer Dragoon Saga Video Project
Disc 2

Village of Zoah
Length: 12 minutes 40 seconds
Size: 97 megs
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This video shows off the village of Zoah's liberal district, which I've always dug the design of. We talk to Juba, explore the area a bit, and then meet Paet.
Above Georgius
Length: 4 minutes 55 seconds
Size: 46.5 megs
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Here we're off to Georgius to find some parts for Paet. We start off high in the clouds and then travel down through the whirlwind to the chaotic inner section (which features the toughest enemy yet, the Hellions) where we have to destroy those Repair Bits
Length: 2 minutes 37 seconds
Size: 19.6 megs
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This video picks up right after the last repair bit has been destroyed, causing an ancient ship to rise from the waters. Under the ship there are....Ship Parts! I took these back to Paet where he belittled me and forced me to out again and search a little harder.
Taken Captive
Length: 6 minutes 42 seconds
Size: 52 megs
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I find a hole on the side of the ancient ship and decide to explore. Unfortunatly, I stumble on some Empire troops all too ready to torture me :( Thankfully, there's a friend on hand to save my ass.
Gunship and Guardian Dragon
Length: 9 minutes 25 seconds
Size: 89.1 megs
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Time to fight the gunship and then the Guardian Dragon. Didn't do too hot on either fight (I really screwed up with the berserk attacks on the Guardian Dragon :( ), but they still managed to be pretty damn fun (i LOVE the combat system in this game). Your mileage may vary, of course. Most will find this video boring and drawn out :(
Paet's Reinvention
Length: 8 minutes 55 seconds
Size: 84.8 megs
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Back to Zoah, where we give Paet the item he needed. We learn about his "reinvention" and see a glimpse of the ruins of Uru.
Sand Mites
Length: 59 seconds
Size: 8.9 megs
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Just a quick video showing off the Sand Mites in the Garial Desert. Awesome enemy to level up with early on in the game and something I just stumbled on by accident while filling out areas of the map.
Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins 01
Length: 5 minutes 36 seconds
Size: 52.3 megs
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This video begins at the caravan before heading out to the ruins of Uru. At Uru, I decided to explore around a bit and get a feel for the area.
Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins 02
Length: 1 minute 22 seconds
Size: 11.1 megs
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A Kinoshita whale! As big as he is, he ought to be useful for something, right?
Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins 03
Length: 52 seconds
Size: 6.8 megs
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Short clip of the tunnel being connected to the mountains.
Annihilator & Rouges
Length: 4 minutes 31 seconds
Size: 41.9 megs
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Figures, right as we get to the Deep North, we get assaulted by multiple waves of Annihilators and Rouges. I only scrape by with a "Good Fight" here, so feel free to make fun of my poor combat decisions!
A Seal Has Been Broken
Length: 4 minutes 53 seconds
Size: 45.1 megs
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The first protect key is easy enough to locate, but getting it back to the seal requires passing through annother ambush. This time I really have my timing down pretty well and score an excellent.
Protect Key #2
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 75.3 megs
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The sun begins setting as we head back to the Deep North. Hunting for Protect Key #2, we see that the Black Ruins have risen out of the water.
Length: 7 minutes 33 seconds
Size: 70.9 megs
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I've always loved this boss' design. While he's pretty darn easy, I still manage to fudge it and get a "Great" rating.
Here We Go Again
Length: 11 minutes 43 seconds
Size: 111 megs
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Night falls on the Deep North and it's time to find the final Protect Key and break the final seal. Unfortunatly for us, breaking the seal initiates another boss fight. In the aftermath of the fight, we find outselves underground with our "enemy" and decide it'd be a better idea to work together and escape rather than sit around and die.
Length: 1 minute 45 seconds
Size: 16.1 megs
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Together on our little hoverbike, we set out to find a way out of our present situtation. The main discovery in this segement is how the water pipes connect the different floors together.
Length: 3 minutes 5 seconds
Size: 28.6 megs
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Unfortunatly, the hoverbike doesn't have enough power to go back up a steep incline, which is information that would have been really useful prior to going down a real steep incline. Thanks, Azel. Our misstep does have the postitive sideeffect of us stumbling on a genetics lab of "failed experiments"...
The Underground Dome
Length: 1 minute 22 seconds
Size: 12.2 megs
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Within the underground dome is the elevator that goes back to the ground level. Unfortunatly, the elevator is inaccessable without the key....which is of course burried further down in the complex.
The Dome Key
Length: 6 minutes 7 seconds
Size: 58.1 megs
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It takes a little bit and a few skirmishes with Mutant Scavangers to get it, but we find the key to the underground dome.
Length: 5 minutes 29 seconds
Size: 51.6 megs
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Energ is the boss in the Underground Dome, who can't be hit directly. I found his weakness quickly but didn't exploit it to the fullest as I should have. So close to getting an excellent, but wasted because of one botched attack. :( After the battle we head to the elevator to get outside.
Escape From The Underground
Length: 6 minutes 35 seconds
Size: 62.8 megs
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Prerendered cinema showing Edge and Azel escaping while being chased by a monster. After making it to relative safety, Azel discloses information on her origins (along with finally telling Edge her name) and have a heart to heart conversation regarding their convictions and motivations.
Length: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Size: 33.0 megs
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Uh oh, someone is mad we blew up her nest. Nothing a few well aimed shots at her weak point doesn't fix, and we score a nice "Excellent" rating. Our dragon transforms yet again and then it's time to switch to disc 3.

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