Panzer Dragoon Saga Video Project
Disc 1

Length: 19 minutes 15 seconds
Size: 183 megs
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Even before becoming an RPG, the Panzer Dragoon series was known for its lengthly intros. Here we're introduced to the main character, "Edge" and see his life pretty much fall apart. There's some brief ingame footage before another cinema plays, which rolls right into the next video (sort of).
First Area
Length: 2 minutes 27 seconds
Size: N/A
A bit more footage of the first gameplay sequences. Walking around, flying around, nothing too special.
Battle Tutorial
Length: 11 minutes 39 seconds
Size: 110 megs
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Here the basics of the battle system are explained. Shows a good bit of what the general combat is like.
Shutting Down the Fans
Length: 1 minute 46 seconds
Size: 16.9 megs
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A valley is blocked off by powerful fans. You're required to fly into a cave, disable the generator, and then go through the valley to find a crashed imperial ship...

Baldor and Baldor Queen Battles
Length: 3 minutes 31 seconds
Size: 33.1 megs
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I love the Baldor Queen battles. You can see here that I'm a bit lost as what to do, but the actual solution to defeating here is quite simple...just fly around behind her after she shoots out the spawns and keep attacking the sac. Not something I figured out when I first saw her, so the fight is a bit drawn out.

Arachnoth (Boss 1)
Length: 11 minutes 11 seconds
Size: 106 megs
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Ahh yes, the first boss. As you can tell, it took me a minute to figure out how to attack him... didn't get a very good rating on him, but it. He's dead and I get to move on :) We're also introduced to Gash here.

Discovery of the Village of Cainus
Length: 6 minutes 9 seconds
Size: 58.7 megs
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After the battle with Arachnoth, we fly to the Village of Cainus (where Gash is from) and realize the place isn't quite like it was when he left...

Gash Joins
Length: 6 minutes 10 seconds
Size:  58.9 megs
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With his village in ruins and nowhere to go, Gash asks to join as a guide, aiding Edge in crossing the Garil Desert. Here I also question him on everything he knows to better flesh out the world of Panzer Dragoon.

Garil Desert and Lathum
Length: 6 minutes 10 seconds
Size: 57.5 megs
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Gash offers advice on defeating the various creatures of the desert as we travel throughout it. At the far end lies Lathum, an enemy that can be either a complete pushover or a complete pain in the ass, depending on how quickly you find his weak point. As you can see here, I isolated and exploted the weak point rather quickly (thank god)

Saving the Baby Worm in Garil Desert
Length: 2 minutes 40 seconds
Size: 24.4 megs
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Within the desert are numerous secret passages that aren't initially accessable. To open this one, I rescued the baby worm from the sandpit, which caused the larger worm to repay me by opening up the passageway.

Length: 13 minutes 13 seconds
Size: 125 megs
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Edge and Gash fly into burried ruins in the desert to discover a Gigralyph. They make the decision to kill it and move on, awakening the Gigra. Fun boss encounter, but not a very strong performance from myself. After the fight, the Dragon goes through a change...

Gash Leaves
Length: 1 minute 16 seconds
Size: 12.2 megs
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Escaping from the cave, Gash decides to head out on his own. He gives Edge the location of the Seeker Caravan and a pendent before they exchange their secret club handshake.

Seeker Caravan
Length: 7 minutes 34 seconds
Size: 72.2 megs
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Edge has to walk to the Seeker Caravan to keep the dragon's existance a secret from them. In the Caravan, Edge meets up with the leader and then the shopkeeper, discovering that Craymen flew off towards the Forbidden Zone.

Forbidden Zone 01
Length: 3 minutes 24 seconds
Size: 32.3 megs
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The sky transporter shuts itself down as soon as Edge flies into the Forbidden Zone. This segement is mainly centered around finding the parts of the sky transporter and reactivating them to open the path to Craymen.

Forbidden Zone 02
Length: 3 minutes 55 seconds
Size: 36.9 megs
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Here's some general footage of the Forbidden Zone, showing off some of the enemy types found there.

Craymen's Elite Guard
Length: 8 minutes 42 seconds
Size: 82.2 megs
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This video begins by showing the completion of the sky transporter in the Forbidden Zone. The sky transporter sends you to do battle with Craymen's ship and personal guard. I got hit by those tracers more times than I would have liked (I shouldn't have been hit by them at all, in hindsight) and stumbled on an effective solution a bit too slowly, but at least I didn't get hit by that homing mine.

Atolm Dragon
Length: 5 minutes 33 seconds
Size: 52.5 megs
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This is the closing scene on disc 1, where you face off with a mysterious girl (you saw her briefly in the intro, being excavated from the mines...) on a massive dragon. Not a difficult fight, but she whips out a brutal Berserker Rage attack.

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